27 April 2018

BISON, Your Ultimate Mobile Mixing Solution

Engineering & Plant Services have delivered the first ever SIMEM BISON plant in New Zealand to Road Metals.

The BISON is the first state-of-the-art truly mobile batching plant solution manufactured by SIMEM of Italy and delivered by dealer’ Gough Industrial Solutions in New Zealand.

In layman’s terms, the BISON is capable of mixing a variety of aggregates, sand, powders and liquids at impressive speed to cater for large civil works, roading and remediation projects. This includes cold ashphalt mix, cold recycling ashphalt, foamed bitumen mix, econcrete and innovative pavement solutions.

The unique feature of the BISON is its exceptional mobility.

Driven by road on a semi trailer, the BISON can be easily transported to where it’s required and is ready for operations following an exceptional installation time from as low as 4-hours.

The need for a crane is eliminated thanks to its hydraulic self-assembly system. Hydraulically actuated components, including those for the balancing support legs, delivery conveyor, aggregate bin side panels and work platforms, results in very fast setup times for the plant.

Supremely flexible, the BISON’s low profile and minimal footprint makes it amenable to small or restricted locations.

The plants first project has seen it working near Ashburton where Road Metals produced stabilised aggregate materials for Ashburton Contracting Ltd.

The process of commissioning and bedding in the first ever New Zealand based BISON was a challenging and ultimately very rewarding achievement for Gough Industrial Solutions and Road Metals.

To date the BISON has proven itself capable of exceeding throughputs in excess of 500 ton per hour in continuous production and typically achieving accuracy of produced materials data to within around 0.5%. This meets Road Metals exacting expectations for the quality of their finished product.

The BISON is equipped with a twin shaft mixer, aggregates hopper, multiple powder inlets, water and admix dosing devices and loading belt and comes with its own operator cabin. The cabin can also be included as part of a ‘service trailer’ which is designed to also house a compressor, a generator and tanks, as required for the project. The BISON is further expandable to receive powders from multiple silos, dependant on the particular requirements.

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Gough Industrial Solutions have delivered the first ever SIMEM BISON plant in New Zealand to Road Metals.