Simem Tower Beton

Vertical Batching & Mixing Plants

The Simem TOWER BETON series of vertical batching and mixing plants which represent state-of-the-art technology for industrialised concrete production.

The design of the Beton Tower’s square frame is innovative and includes many improvements from the traditional cylindrical frame like:

  • hot dip galvanization of all support structures and aggregate bins, reducing maintenance costs and increasing lifetime of the plant;
  • optimal positioning of dosing gates under aggregate bins, reducing wear considerably compared to a cylindrical tower;
  • a flat surface on the outside allows for a wide selection of claddings to protect against climate, as well as important requirements from authorities to meet architectural and environmental guidelines

The TOWER BETON series’ structure of the vertical batching and mixing plant is dimensioned to support the aggregate storage bins and can be optimised in terms of space for:

  • storage of clean water and additives tanks;
  • electrical panels;
  • concrete laboratory;
  • a warehouse for spare parts and equipment storage for efficient management of the plant.

Like all SIMEM batching and mixing plants, TOWER BETON plants are a modular design, which gives it great flexibility so that the plant meets the client's specific needs, ready-mix or precast concrete.

The structure of TOWER BETON is made up of 3 floors connected by an external staircase.


Model Tower Beton       T75-4         T75-6        T88-6       T88-8   
Dimensions (LxL) m.       7x5 7x5 8x8 8x8
One mixers configurations (up to)           1 x MSO 6000       1 x MSO 6000       1 x MSO 14000       1 x MSO 14000   
Two mixers configurations (up to)       XENTRIX X750 +    
    XENTRIX X750 +    
    2 x MSO 6000         2 x MSO 6000    
Aggregates storage     130÷350 130÷350 430÷550 430÷550
Aggregates compartments nr 4 6 (proportional) 6 (proportional) 8 (proportional)
Cement types nr 1÷4 1÷4 1÷4 1÷6

Voltage for all models: 400V ÷ 50Hz (or alternative)