Simem Betonwash

Concrete Recycling

BETONWASH is the definitive solution for reclamation of excess concrete and slurry water from cleaning of trucks, pumps, mixer, buckets, etc.

BETONWASH separates solid materials over 0.15 mm diameter from the water through a spiral system rotating inside the inclined drum. Slurry water is discharged from the BETONWASH by overflow into storage tanks and is normally re-used in the concrete production process.

Some of the advantages that make BETONWASH the best choice are:

  • Extraction of solid materials through a spiral system without the use of any filters often found in reclamation systems.
  • Two models available with capacity of 10 or 25 m³/hour.
  • Concrete can not get in contact with the drive unit ensuring mechanical integrity.
  • Minimal wear of surfaces inside the inclined drum due to the low rotation speed and of the extraction spiral and the use of residue aggregate as a wear liner.
  • With a wide variety of possible configurations, BETONWASH will fit any plant and site.

BETONWASH can be integrated with a Simem WATERWASH: this machine receives slurry water coming from Betonwash and treats it further till obtaining clean water that can be recycled into the production process.


Model Beton Wash        BW 10           BW 25       BW 10 MOBY
Maximum wash-out (normal concrete)    (m³/h)  11 25 11
Maximum wash-out (normal mortar) (m³/h)  4 8 4
Separation of solids down to (mm.)  0.15 0.15 0.15
Maximum size of aggregates (mm) 50 50  50
Pressure required for clean water (bar) 2 2 2
Time required for end-washing (min)       6 7 6
Maximum number of discharge vehicles (n) 1 2 1
Dimensions of standard discharge hopper (mt)  1.8x1.8 1.8x1.2 1.8x1.8
Power for motor (kW)  2.2 2.2 2.2
Slurry water storage tank (m³) 30÷100 30÷100 15
Recycled Water Agitators   AR 30 AR 55 AR 75
Maximum agitating capacity (m³) 30 65 100
Power of motoreducer (kW) 3 4 5.5
Dimensions for squared basin (side x depth) (mt) 3.2x2.9 H 4.5x3.2 H 5.5x3.4 H
Dimensions for circular basin (diam. x depth)      (mt) 3.6x2.9 H 5x3.2 H 6.2x3.4 H
Agitation cycle (pause/work) adjustable (min) 15-3 15-3 15-3
Power of standard recycled water pump (kW) 3 3 3
Delivery of standard recycled water pump (m³/ora)       50 50 50
Water Wash   WW 10 WW 25  
Total filtering surface (m2) 8.691 21.692  
Dimensions of plates   630x630 800x800